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The tombs

Is Forrus


The Domus de Janas or fairy's house, were a pecurial tomb used during the Ozieri's culture age: other were the collective tombs in natural caves and the megalithic circle tombs, but the Domus de Janas, in the whole Sardinian territory with around 5000 samples, they represent the dominant typology certainly. In the Villa S. Antonio's area there are around 60 diversified samples, to testify a long evolution and life on the territory. The most ancient kind is the grit tomb certainly, with a vertical access in only room, with sizes generally, located near Is Forrus and Padrillonis Mountain. A little following it's the tomb with a sight porthole on the rocky wall with very small rooms and in limited number. The following kind's tomb is preceded by a short quadrangular or semirounded vestibule covered by a rectilinear front, often with more wide rooms up to four or five, with a longitudinal or to transept development, that is with crossing rooms or on the sides of the carrying axle. The most recent typology, of which there are nice samples near Is Forrus and Genna Salixi, it's characterized by a long passage before the mortuary room. This last typology has also been connected, from some researchers to following phases, but the searches haven't shown these hypotheses fully.


Genna Salixi
Betili provenienti da Monte Padrillonis
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