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The pottery industry

The Ozieri's culture pottery industry shows vessels of great, medium and small sizes. There are different shapes: hemisferical deep or cap bowls, careened bowls, careened cups, flared bottle-holder pots, cylindrical ciborium with stiff or hollow walls, often curves, sometimes on trotters; some saucepans with low flared walls, flat and spy some, globular pots with collar or distinct neck; bi-conic or bi-truncated pots, amphoras with two or three handles often to subcutaneous tunnel, tripods of various typologies nad pots. The surfaces are thick, well smooth, hard and shining, black-shiny, grey, beige and ivory or red highly-polished for a heavy red ochre coating, sometimes into the pot also. The decorations shows different techniques: to incision, punctuation, digital or plastics imprints on relief strings, cardial imprints, plastic bas-reliefs, dry or cooked graffiti, colorations created with red or white doughs on incisions applied, often on outlined bands. The decoratives motives are rich and various: they are geometric predominantly made up by horizontal lines, zig-zag, triangles, festoons, garlands, spiral, circles; there are anthropomorphous decorations rarely.

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