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The lithic industry

Strumenti vari in ossidiana


The Ozieri's culture lithic industry is mainly based on the Arci's mountain obsidian exploitation, near Ales (OR), the volcanic natural glass very affected in ancient time for the easy chipping and pressure retouching workmanship and making pointed and sharp utensils therefore. With the obsidian they were created a lot of arrow-heads and assegai's tips, as well as scrapers, awls, blades, chisels, useful utensils for the most disparate uses, as the wood's workmanship. The Sardinian obsidian was exported, from the Arci's Mountain only source, in the whole island and in the Mediterranean basin (Corsica, Italy, southern France). But it wasn't the only stone worked: also the flint was for the resistance utilized and blades and knives making. Also other hard rocks like trachite and basalt were utilized and axes and ice-axes making.



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