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The Villa Sant'Antonio's nuraghes



In the central Sardinia and in the Villa S. Antonio municipal area also, there are many Nuraghes; in this case there are ten samples connected to four typologies: one sample of nuraghe with passage, three samples of complex nuraghe, five samples of monotower nuraghe and one sample of can nuraghe. The Nuraghe Spei is the most ancient probably, characterized by a passage with two overlapping floors; it's date back the Ancient Bronze Age last phases (1800-1500 B.C.) The complex nuraghes are a little following, as the Nuraghe Crannaiou and the Nuraghe Genna sa pira (Middle Bronze Age, 1500-1200 B.C.) altered later The monotower nuraghes are uncertain chronologically for the archaeologic excavations lack while the Nuraghe Caiu is a residual can Nuraghe, that is two towers a little inner courtyard enclosing (probably Recent Bronze Age).


Genna Sa Pira
Nuraghe Bruncu Mannu
Nuraghe Genna Sa Pira
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